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A General Approach to the Synthesis of 4,7- Disubstituted Cephams
1  Department of Organic Chemistry, State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, Vernadsky Avenue 86, Moscow 117571, Russia

Abstract: A general approach to the synthesis of 4,7-disubstituted cephams is described starting from a,bunsaturated aldehydes or ketones via 4-functionally substituted tetrahydro-1,3-thiazine-2-thiones.
Keywords: a,b-Unsaturated aldehydes or ketones, dithiocarbamic acid, 4-hydroxy- and 4-alkoxytetrahydro- 1,3-thiazine-2-thiones, 4-functionally substituted tetrahydro-1,3-thiazine-2-thiones, 4-alkoxy-2-methylthio- 5,6-dihydro-4H-1,3-thiazines, 4,7-disubstituted cephams