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A new approach to synthesis of 2-carbamoylbenzothiazoles
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1  N.D.Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, 47 Leninsky prosp., 117913 Moscow, Russian Federation.

Abstract: The reactions of substituted anilines with chloroacetamide and sulfur in the presence of triethylamine afford monothiooxamides, which being treated with K3Fe(CN)6 are cyclized to 2-carbamoylbenzothiazoles. The cyclization is established to be accompanied by the formation of the corresponding thiooxanilic acids, which are also cyclized to benzothiazole-2-carboxylic acids.
Keywords: Anilines, chloroacetamides, sulfur, monothiooxamides, 2-carbamoylbenzothiazoles, thiooxanilic acids, benzothiazole-2-carboxylic acids.