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Hydroamination of Cinnamyl Alcohol
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1  Departamento de Quimica Organica. Universidad de Santiago de Compostela. Facultad de Ciencias. Aptdo. 280. 27080-Lugo. Spain

Abstract: In our group, we have been studying the hydroamination of styrene and its derivatives1. Here, we want to present a preliminary communication about the hydroamination of cinnamyl alcohol. This addition would afford 2-amino-3-phenylpropanols (2), which are of biological interest due to its presence as constituents in the structure of different natural products isolated from many different sources, such as: Allangium lamarckii, Anaphalis subumbellata, Aspergillus flaviceps, A. janus, A. glaucus, Caranthus pusillus, Cystoceria corniculata, Emericellopsis salmosynnemata, Euphorbia fischeriana, Hybanthus enneasperma, Medicago polymorpha, Penicillum canadiense, P.brevicompactum, P. megasporum, Piper aurantiacum and Schismatomma hypothallium.
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