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Microplastic Pollution in Leuciscus baicalensis and Rutilus rutilus: An Impending Danger to Aquatic Biodiversity in Western Siberian Riverine Fishes
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1  National Research Tomsk State University, Russia
Academic Editor: Juan Francisco García Martín


Microplastic pollution is increasingly recognized as a significant threat to aquatic ecosystems and human health, prompting growing concern among environmental scientists. As a response, this literature review aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the existing research on microplastic pollution, specifically focusing on Leuciscus baicalensis and Rutilus rutilus in Western Siberian Riverine ecosystems. Previous research findings have shown that microplastics found in their gastrointestinal tract asmicro-fragments are the most abundant compared to sea fish. This study delves into the extent of microplastic contamination, striving to quantify the levels of microplastics present in these fishes and to elucidate their morphology and sources within the species. Recent studies also proved that microplastics below 0.150mm in size are absorbed in the intestine, underscoring the urgent need for a thorough investigation of their impact on both the aquatic environment and potential transfer through the food chain to human consumers. By emphasizing the potential long-term implications of plastic accumulation in these delicate ecosystems, this review underscores the critical need for effective conservation and management strategies. This analysis represents a crucial step in fostering a deeper comprehension of the threats posed by microplastic contamination, ultimately contributing to the preservation and restoration of Western Siberian Riverine ecosystems and their associated aquatic biodiversity. Furthermore, this research aims to provide insights into the development of targeted measures to mitigate the impacts of microplastic pollution, thereby fostering the conservation of these vital aquatic environments.

Keywords: Aquatic Ecosystems; Environmental Conservation; Leuciscus baicalensis; Microplastic Pollution; Rutilus rutilus; Western Siberia