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Object Detection for Autonomous Logistics: A YOLOv4 Tiny Approach with ROS Integration and LOCO Dataset Evaluation
* 1 , 2
1  Electronic and Microelectronique Laboratory in the faculty of sciences in Monastir Tunisia
2  Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology of Sousse
Academic Editor: Wen-Jer Chang


This paper presents a novel object detection model for logistics-centered objects deployed and used by autonomous warehouse robots. Using the robust Robot Operating System (ROS) infrastructure, our work leverages the set of provided models and a dataset to create a complex system that can meet the guidelines of the Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). We describe an innovative method, and the primary emphasis is placed on the Logistics Objects in Context (LOCO) dataset. The importance is on training the model and determining optimal performance and accuracy for the implemented object detection task. Using neural networks as pattern recognition tools, we took advantage of the one-stage detection architecture YOLO that prioritizes speed and accuracy. Focusing on a lightweight variant of this architecture, YOLOv4 Tiny, we were able to optimize for deployment on resource-constrained edge devices without compromising detection accuracy, resulting in a significant performance boost over previous benchmarks. The YOLOv4 Tiny model was implemented with Darknet, especially for its adaptability to ROS Melodic framework and capability to fit edge devices. ⁤⁤Notably, our network achieved a mean average precision (mAP) of 46% and an intersection over union (IoU) of 50%, surpassing the baseline metrics established by the initial LOCO study. ⁤⁤These results demonstrate a significant improvement in performance and accuracy for real-world logistics applications of AMRs. Our contribution lies in providing valuable insights into the capabilities of AMRs within the logistics environment, thus paving the way for further advancements in this field.

Keywords: Computer Vision; Autonomous Mobile Robots (ARMs); Object Detection; Logistics-specific Objects; Robot Operating System (ROS); LOCO Dataset