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Biomaterial-based nanoencapsulation for drug delivery for treating eating disorders, overcoming challenges, and enhancing therapeutic efficacy
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1  Universidade de Vigo, Nutrition and Bromatology Group, Department of Analytical Chemistry and Food Science, Instituto de Agroecoloxía e Alimentación (IAA) – CITEXVI, 36310 Vigo, España.
Academic Editor: Alexander Andrianov


Introduction: Eating disorders (EDs) have evolved into severe, complex, and life-threatening conditions, impacting individuals of all ages and inflicting significant physical and psychological repercussions. These disorders, including binge eating, restrictive eating, compulsive eating, irregular eating patterns, anorexia, bulimia, and orthorexia nervosa, pose an increased risk of suicide attempts, mortality, and comorbid conditions. Despite advances in therapeutic interventions, limited treatment effectiveness and high rates of relapse persist.

Methods: The methodology for this study involves conducting a literature review on EDs and biomaterial-based nanoencapsulation (BBNE), identifying suitable drug therapies, evaluating BBNE methods, developing personalized treatment strategies, assessing their efficacy through clinical trials, performing statistical analysis, and discussing findings and future directions.

Results: BBNE offers precise drug delivery (DD), controlled release, and compatibility with combination therapies, promoting personalized and safe treatment strategies. This approach enhances drug bioavailability and stability, potentially improving therapeutic success while minimizing systemic adverse effects and increasing treatment adherence. Its personalized nature enables the tailoring of treatment regimens to address the unique biological and psychological factors of EDs.

Conclusions: However, challenges such as scalability, regulatory approval, and long-term safety need to be addressed to facilitate the widespread adoption of BBNE in clinical practice. In conclusion, the progress in BBNE offers transformative possibilities for treating EDs. Hence, this research endeavors to investigate innovative strategies utilizing DD biomaterials to meet the treatment requirements of EDs and enhance the therapeutic efficacy.

Keywords: Eating disorders; Drug delivery; Biomaterial-based nanoencapsulation; Treatment strategies