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Aromatic Iodination Method with Iodic Acid Used as the Iodinating Reagent
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1  Chair and Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University, 1 Banacha Street, PL 02-097 Warsaw, Poland

Abstract: Benzene, halobenzenes, and a number of more or less deactivated arenes, including nitrobenzene, readily reacted in anhydrous HIO3/AcOH/Ac2O/concd H2SO4 mixtures to probably give ArIO2 intermediates or other hypervalent species (not isolated). The final reaction mixtures were poured into excess aq. Na2SO3 solution (a reductor) to give the purified iodinated products in 39-83% yields.
Keywords: arenes; iodoarenes; aromatic iodination; iodic acid as reactant and iodinating agent