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Reduction of Alkylarylketones to Alkylbenzenes with Zinc D and Hydrochloric Acid: Comparison with Zinc Amalgam Reduction
1  Slavich Company, Mendeleev sq. 2, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, Yaroslavl region, 152020, Russian Federation

Abstract: The new method of arylalkylketones Clemmensen reduction to alkylbenzenes with zinc dust and hydrochloric acid was elaborated. A comparison of arylalkylketones Clemmensen reduction with zinc amalgam literature method was made. The direction of reaction is the same, the yield of alkylbenzenes is often slightly higher. The conditions of reaction are the same or slightly milder than classic conditions.
Keywords: Clemmensen reaction; Clemmensen reduction; zinc dust; zinc amalgam; alkylarylketones; alkylbenzenes