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A Straightforward Route to Enantiopure Pyrrolizidines by Cycloaddition to Pyrroline N-Oxides Derived from the Chiral Pool
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1  Centro di Studio C.N.R. sulla Chimica e la Struttura dei Composti Eterociclici e loro Applicazioni (CSCEA), Dipartimento di Chimica organica "Ugo Schiff", Universita di Firenze, via G. Capponi 9, I-50121 Firenze, Italy.

Abstract: We have recently reported the synthesis of enantiopure 3-heterosubstituted pyrroline N-oxides of type 1 and 2 (Scheme 1) obtained by oxidation of the corresponding hydroxylamines, in turn available in large amounts from L-malic and L-aspartic acids, respectively.1
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