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Regioselectivity of Arylation of 2,3'-Biquinolyl Dianion
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1  Stavropol State University, Chair of Organic Chemistry, Stavropol 355009, Russia
2  Russian Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology, Chair of Organic Chemistry, 9 Miusskaya sq., 125047 Moscow, Russia.

Abstract: Dianion of 2,3'-biquinolyl with aryl- and hetaryl halides forms product of arylation to 4'-position, which on treatment with alkyl halides or water yield 1'-alkyl-1',4'dihydro-2,3'-biquinolyls or 4'-aryl-1',4'-dihydro-2,3'-biquinolyls respectively. The oxydation of the latter leads to 4'-aryl-2,3'-biquinolyls. The cation dependence of the arylation is shown.
Keywords: Regioselectivity, arylation, 2,3'-biquinolyl dianion