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Microwave Application in Organic Synthesis. Microwave-Assisted Preparation of Diphenylamines in 'Dry Media'
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1  Institute for Isotopic and Molecular Technology, P.O.Box 700, Cluj-Napoca 5, RO-3400, Romania

Abstract: The application of microwaves in organic chemistry has experienced exponential growth within the last eight years. Rate enhancements varied from 10 to 1500 times compared with those of conventionally heated samples. We propose here a new technology for preparation of diphenylamine by microwave-activation, using an inorganic solid support, namely bentonite. This method offers the following advantages over conventional synthesis of this compound: high efficiency, safety, the experimental procedure is much simpler and environmental friendly.
Keywords: Microwave, organic synthesis, dyphenilamine, solid support, bentonite, environment.