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Synthesis of Protected Thiophospho Amino Acids for Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis
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1  Preclinical Research, Novartis Pharma Ltd., CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland

Abstract: The synthesis of protected thiophospho amino acids, either as thiophosphotriesters or -diesters, conceived as building blocks for solid-phase synthesis of thiophosphorylated peptides is described. The thiophosphotriesters 4-9, namely O,O-diprotected, -thiophosphorylated N-Alloc, N-Fmoc and N-Boc protected serine, threonine and tyrosine, were prepared in a one-pot procedure from the corresponding N-protected amino acids. From O,O-dibenzyl N-Fmoc serine thiophosphate 7, either S-benzyl (10) or O-benzyl (11) thiophosphodiesters can be obtained.
Keywords: Thiophospho Amino acids