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Succinic Acid as a Precursor for Synthesis of Nano Cerium Oxide
* ,
1  Department of Chemistry, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

Abstract: Applying succinic acid as a versatile, bidentate ligand to coordinate to cerium, resulted to a complex. The obtained crystalline complex was characterized by IR and melting point, then calcined at a certain temperature which was found by TGA method. Since in the first step, altering organic ligand type will affect on shape of precursor and as a result on the nano oxide, and in the next step, calcination time and temperature results in different morphologies of cerium oxide,  we examine all these changes and conclude the optimum conditions and the best ligand to be succinic acid. Characterization of the nanorods of CeO2 was performed by XRD, SEM and IR. Cerium oxide in nano-scale has many applications such as oxygen reservation capacity, conductivity, high UV absorption, high hardness, catalysis, fuel cells, sensors.  
Keywords: Succinic acid, cerium oxide, nanorods