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Schiff Base Hydrolysis Mediated by d-Block Metals
Abstract: Condensation of imidazol-2-carboxaldehyde and 2-tosylaminomethylaniline (HLTs) in ethanol under reflux yields the Schiff base H2L. The interaction of this Schiff base with palladium(II), cadmium(II) or zinc(II) acetates in 1:1 molar ratio was investigated. This study demonstrates that the expected Schiff base metal complexes cannot be isolated. Instead, chemical synthesis starting from metal acetates leads to the products Pd(LTs)2.2H2O, Cd(LTs)2 and Zn(LTs)2, as a result of the Schiff base hydrolysis.
Keywords: Schiff base, hydrolysis, zinc, cadmium, palladium
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