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Electrical Properties of CZO Films Prepared by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis
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1  National Taipei University of Technology

Abstract: Recently, CuZnO (CZO) films attracted more and more attention because of its great potential application in semiconductor devices. ZnO shows n-type conductivity and several elements have been tried to dope in ZnO to improve the electrical properties. This study focused on the transition of the electrical properties of CZO films, and find out at which concentration the conductivity of CZO films will from n-type to p-type. In this study, CZO films were fabricated by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis with copper acetate, zinc acetate, and ammonium acetate precursor solution. The concentration of Cu ions in the CZO films were changed by the concentration ratio between copper acetate and zinc acetate in precursor solutions. Additionally, these samples are measured by Hall Effect measurement, X-ray diffraction analysis, transmittance measurement and photoluminescence measurement. The result shows that when the concentration of copper ions in CZO films at 5%, the conductivity of the CZO films will turn from n-type to p-type.
Keywords: Conductivity properties, CZO, p-type