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Characterization and Validation of Telemetric Digital Tachometer based on Hall Effect Sensor
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1  Universidad Tecnologica de Chihuahua

Abstract: Telemetry field has grown exponentially in recent years. Several applications in medicine, military and automotive industries have been reported recently in literature. This work presents a simple, easy to implement digital remote tachometer based on a Hall effect sensor. A correct characterization is crucial to properly handle, analyze and interpret signals from any kind of sensor, however, here is presented the whole telemetric system characterization, including sensing stage, wireless transmission and reception under IEEE 802.15.4 standard, data analysis and display through a graphical user interface developed on LabView software. A DC motor is placed remotely, where, using a Hall effect sensor and the adequate signal conditioning, a pulse train proportional to the motor speed is sent to a microcontroller to manage signals and compute speeds before wireless transmission. Once received, data is analyzed, displayed and ready to be used as a control variable. Both simulation and experimental results under diverse conditions of speed, transmission distances and computation parameters are presented to clearly describe the process of characterization and system validation. Promising results have been achieved and is expected to growth this project to different physical variables oriented to monitor and control a formula SAE Electric automobile.
Keywords: telemetry; wireless; tachometer; hall effect sensor