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Total Hydrolysis of a New Imidazolidine Induced by ZnII
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1  Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

Abstract: 2,2´-(2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)imidazolidin-1,3-diyl)diethanol(H3L) was obtained by condensation between 2-hydroxybenzaldehyde and N,N'-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)ethylenediamine. Its potential ability as NNOOO donor towards ZnII was tested. This study shows that zinc(II) mediates the fast hydrolysis of H3L, yielding the free aldehyde and amine. This latter was crystallographically characterised, showing a supramolecular 1D architecture based on hydrogen bond interactions.
Keywords: Imidazolidine; hydrolysis; zinc; 1D ladder