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Non Conventional Zinc Mediated Synthesis of Chalcogenoesters
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1  Group of Catalysis Synthesis and Organic Green Chemistry (CS-ORG CHEM) - Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences - University of Perugia

Abstract: Chalcogenoesters are important intermediates in several organic transformations, they were used as precursors of acyl radicals and anions and have attracted attention for the synthesis of new molecular materials, especially superconducting materials and liquid crystals. Applications of selenoesters have been expanded to the synthesis of proteins by chemical ligation, to the synthesis of substrates which undergo facile and efficient radical decarboxylation, as well as to the synthesis of the natural alkaloyd (+)- geissoschizine, ciguatoxins, and (-)- pseudolaric Acid B.We report here new zinc mediated and non-conventional protocols for their eco-friendly preparation.
Keywords: Selenium; sulfur; selenoeter; thioester; zinc