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Extended Anthracenes and Their Use as Dienes in Diels-Alder Reactions
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1  Department of Chemistry, UAE University
2  Department of Chemistry, United Arab Emirates University
3  Department of Chemical Engineering, UAE University
4  Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Hamburg
5  Department of Applied Chemical Sciences, Jordan University of Science & Technology

Abstract: 9-Anthranylcarbaldehydes were converted to alkyl 9-anthranylacrylates and 9-phenacylethenylanthracenes. Alkyl 9-anthranylacrylates are brominated to alkyl 9-bromoanthran-10-ylacrylate. Suzuki-reactions with arylboronic lead to alkyl 9,10-arylanthranylacrylates. The alkyl 9-anthranylacrylates and 9-phenacylethenylanthracenes were subjected to cycloaddition reactions to give the respective cycloadducts.
Keywords: Anthracenes; Wittig-olefination; Suzuki reaction; Diels Alder reaction; extended pi-systems; photochemistry