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Sustainable Energy Consumption with Load Shape Characterization of Unmetered Food Vendors in a Campus Cafeteria Complex
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1  Energhx Research Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 353 Faculty of Engineering, University of Lagos, Nigeria
2  Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada

Published: 03 November 2014 by MDPI in The 4th World Sustainability Forum session Energy Sustainability
Abstract: The electricity consumption patterns of food vendors within the University of Lagos 2001 Cafeteria complex on daily and seasonal bases as function of users' behavioral and load demands are characterized. This paper investigates the capability of using multivariable linear regression (MLR) and condition demand analysis (CDA) as methodologies to determine the consumption patterns of unmetered food vendors in a deregulated power system. These approaches can help in developing a unique sustainability model, based on food vendor's behaviour from the use of appliances in the cafeteria. It is anticipated that this model would enable automatic allocation of electricity consumption to unmetered food vendors. The profiles for individual food vendors, which contribute towards the aggregate load profile for the cafeteria complex, are characterized. The integration of this load-shape allocation model with the ongoing development of an alternative renewable power generation from food waste is capable of reducing peak-demand from the local grid.
Keywords: Multivariable linear regression; condition demand analysis; electricity consumption; load shape