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Meeting the Electrical Energy Needs of a Residential Building with a Wind-Photovoltaic Hybrid System
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1  Department of Mechanical Engineeringof Pardis Islamic Azad University
2  Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada
3  Department of Renewable Energies, Faculty of New Science and Technologies, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Published: 03 November 2014 by MDPI in The 4th World Sustainability Forum session Energy Sustainability
Abstract: A complete hybrid system including a photocelland a wind turbine with battery storage is modeled, and the best approach forsizing the system to meet the electrical energy needs of a residential buildingis investigated. In evaluating system performance, the city of Tehran is usedas a case study. Matlab software is used for analyzing the data and optimizingthe system for the given application. Further, the price of the system design isinvestigated, and shows that the electrical cost of the hybrid system in Tehranis 0.62 US$/kWh, which is 78% less expensive than a wind turbine system and 34%less expensive than a photovoltaic system.
Keywords: Residential building; electrical energy need; photovoltaic; wind turbine; hybrid system; energy modeling