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A Direction of Realization for Smart Green City
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1  SungKyunKwan University


Historically, City have been developed by application of cutting-edge technologies. And lifestyle of citizen is also changed with these development. Technologies have been developed rapidly and become more important. City is a place where various technologies are applied, and development of the city is to make these places. City is a source of demand for technologies and industries. It’s significant as a market. It’s especially important to make the smart city. From this point of view, the urban development industry has characteristics of knowledge industry.

However urban development industry of Korea is currently recognized as the construction industry which is simply expanded into the city scale. Because of that, the potential of urban development industry is being reduced. Also urban development projects focusing on physical environments have a limit of its business value and good place making due to a lack of comprehensive consideration about whole development process.

This study aims to set the direction for realization of urban knowledge industry. For this, it analyzed the program of public institutions and private institution which are experienced in urban development focusing a scope of business, process of development, component of city, and applied technology and industry.

The concept of urban knowledge industry is defined as a comprehensive knowledge industry which embraces not only a place of city, industry and formation of culture, but also administrative and economic factors. Important factors for the realization of urban knowledge industry are the competitiveness reinforcement of the urban planning and design on the basis of comprehensive recognition of urban industry. The urban planning and design are key industries of urban development.

Keywords: Smart Green City, Urban Knowledge Industry, Direction of Realization