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Conceptual Planning for Da Nang High-Tech Park
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1  SungKyunKwan University

Abstract: The number of high technology-based urban projects has sharply increased throughout the world. As a new emerging market in Asia, Vietnam is facing a turning point where it begins to adapt high value-added industry as its industrial frame by virtue of Danang High Technology Park (DHTP). To finish successfully as a late comer to the field of high tech industry projects, DHTP, at first, must build a value chain and achieve proper positioning in the industrial structure through an analysis of industrial circumstances and mega trends of Vietnam and Danang. Furthermore, the strengths and weaknesses of Danang must be analyzed, and through such analysis pros and cons of specific niche business opportunities for the high tech industry should be identified.DHTP provides a number of key strong assets which foster and commercialize research and education, and it includes all processes of their distribution and consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the characteristics and demands of the people who will live in the city; such as producers, managers and consumers as well as researchers. Based upon this analysis, DHTP will be able to build an optimized environment and facility where habitants influence each other, ensure the sustainability of 'a creative ecosystem' by providing a self-evolving and technology-friendly environment.The development of this type of high tech urban environment will bring a high quality of living and working life. Through good urban environment design that encompasses nature, culture and industry to be merged, DHTP will lead a new paradigm of urban culture. For this reason, it is necessary to consider multi-purpose land use and site planning in diverse scales, and flexible housing with land use scheme to respond to future changes and demand. Also, it is necessary to support the sustainable development of a future green city in which green technology thrives.
Keywords: urban design concept plan