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City Micro Film: The Daily Life Narratives of City Communication in China
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1  School of Journalism and Communication, Nanjing Normal University


In this article, we analysis five typical city micro film samples of China and point that daily life narrative, which contains individual returning, daily scenes and emotional integration, is an obvious characteristic of city microfilm. We come to this conclusion by comparing with traditional city image propaganda film. The microfilm will promote our city by expressing city culture in the movie theme, by transforming the cultural landscape into a film background and by using some special audio elements with local characteristics. City microfilms, for all of their shortcomings, will have extensive application future.

In the traditional city promotional film in China, images often focus on the city's natural or human landscape.They attempt to include the most dazzling history and cultural elements of the city through montage and picture collage . The maximum impact they brought the audience comes mainly from the visual, formed a strong "spectacle" effect. Chinese traditional city promotional film likes to highlight the city individuality through a large number of city landscape, which eventually led to the result that the image of each city are similar.

City micro film, which appeared in the year of 2010. Obviously, the construction of city image is its fundamental purpose and exploring the theme culture of a city is its core goal. In recent years, the advantages of city micro film have become increasingly prominent. Its content and style are quite different from  the traditional propaganda film, which caused a lot of concern.In this study, we chose five typical city micro-film as a sample, which are IN Shenzhen (IN 深圳), Rooftops (天台), A Love Letter for Suzhou (苏州情书), Nanjing·201314 (南京·201314)and Next stop, Kunming (下一站,昆明).

City micro film mainly focuses on city daily life and pays attention to every person living in the city. Generally speaking, the city micro film has several obvious features. First of all, the general public, rather than the city landscape has become the main content of the video, which is totally different from Chinese traditional city promotional film. Secondly, city micro film always puts city landscape into a lot of stories about the city, which makes the city image more realistic than before. Furthermore, the emotional element is more prominent in city micro-film and it almost disappeared in traditional city propaganda films.

When it comes to the advantages of city micro film in the promotion of the city, there are four important aspects . Firstly, The theme of  the film is usually the theme of city culture, which helps people to remember the key words about the city culture when they watch the film. Secondly, the history and the landscape of the city will become the time and space backgrounds of the film and it will make the city culture more acceptable for the audience. Thirdly, dialogues and music  can become an important supplement to the spread of the city and this approach would be non-confrontational. Last but not least, the use of film creation technique offers room for imagination. In other words, it can affect people's understanding for the city.

Art is higher than life, but always comes from life. city micro film changes the way how a Chinese city sell itself. In the past, it pays  more attention to its external image. But now, it is more concerned about its spirit and culture. As far as I am concerned, this is not only the advantage brought by the progress of the information technology, but also brought by the transformation of the concept of propaganda in China.

Keywords: City Micro film; Image Communication; City propaganda; Daily life narratives