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A New Thinking Way About the Being and Non-Being
1  Xi'an Jiaotong University


The being concept has been the ultimate concept of Western philosophy. The famous philosopher in history are inevitably put forward their own understanding of the concept of the being. Philosophy of information as a new philosophy form in this era, the philosophy of information and information science should common progress. Information ontology of WuKun starts from partition of the existential field, this way for a new classification and interpretation of the existence fundamentally changed the scope and connotation of existence, the subsequent will change the scope and connotation of the existence.

1. Being concept and partition of the existential field in the Philosophy of information

The concept of being has been the ultimate concept of west philosophy. The development of information science and philosophy of information provides us with the new view of the being field constitution and the complexity of the way of understanding. First reality not equal to being, And objective things are not all reality. Objective unreality is the general terms of the content of the reaction (similar to reflect) between the objective things. So “objective unreality” has essential difference With the “objective reality” that logo being way of the material world. If the “objective reality” logo exist way of the material world. Then we can accordingly use indirect existence to logo exist way of the information world. To establish a new concept of existence: the world is unified on the basis of material, and material and information (direct existence and indirect existence) dual existence in the world.

2. The hierarchy of being

Discuss the problems of being and non-being have to from the being level classification. Accordance with the new classified methods of being, being areas are simply classified into three: direct being, objective indirect being and subjective being. If from the nature of subjective being is subjective information, we can subdivide the subjective being into for-itself information (the information intuitive grasp of subject) and regeneration information (the information create by subject thoughts). we can put the two categories called "subjective for-itself being" and "subjective regeneration being". We can be summarized as four level of being: A. Objective directly being, B. objective indirectly being, C. subjective for-itself being, D. subjective regeneration being. A complete object, in the case of subjective involvement should be has the four being layers.

3. Being and non-being

The being of pure should include the entities in the whole world, and non-being should be a pure emptiness. Parmenides mentioned "beings exist, non-being does not exist", " non-being is cannot be know", "non-being ", of course cannot be know, also can't speak. But when he proposed the word " non-being " can given a clear definition, that something no exist in this world. So at least " non-being " in the case of as a concept can be understood, can speak. Because in terms of the concept of "nonbeing" is exists. Now that is "non-being", all of there is no difference between, also is not content, but it as the opposite of being is also can be recognized, even classification, but there is no content under the classification, the concept of the non-being classification of these categories is belong to the being category of information level.

Being is only a mobile node in the time axis, the timeline pass through and will pass through part all belongs to the non-being, of course all the other parts out of timeline are all belongs to the non-being. The real being is just a point on the timeline, and evolve with the moving of the timeline. being is endless changing over time, there is no eternal being. So non-being divided into three kinds: front nonbeing, rear non-being and absolute non-being.

Past time and being are all front non-being, of course, also including those passing possibilities of the being evolution. But some levels of the material being that was loss can be preserved, these may reserved due to some properties of the mutual conversion of being and non-being. While rear nonbeing that behind the being on the timeline are not a sure path, rear non-being should be a possibility space that has not yet launched, represents the all possible development of being. Being in the process of evolution will have a possibility space more than one line, this theory was first put forward by the self-organizing theory. The transformation of being and non-being also like this, the evolution direction of being is gegenwart being. Absolutely non-being is refers to the possibility that absolutely impossible on the timeline.

4. Several properties of the Exchange of being and non-being

The exchange of being and non-being have several properties:

  1. continuity
  2. developmental
  3. contingency
  4. retrospectiv
  5. predictability.
Keywords: Being, Non being, Philosophy of information, Hierarchy, Change