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The Trial Information Philosophical Interpretation of Psychological Pressure
1  Xi'an Jiaotong University


As a reality concrete has three kinds of forms of activities, that is: the basic physiological activities, people's psychological activity and behavior activity, respectively specified nature and behavior, psychological physiological essence the essence of human 1. This paper want to apply the philosophy of information related to the principle of "to discuss the psychological pressure" concept, and compared with the traditional concept of psychology.

1、psychologist Hans Sayles (Han Selye) was the first to use the term "Stress (pressure)" people. Pressure (stress) is a foreign word, derived from the Latin "stringere", original intention is painful. Traditional psychology that stress is a kind of cognitive and behavioral psychological stressors and psychological stress reaction together constitute the process of experience. Now write the word is "Distress (the abbreviation of grief, poor)". "The tension, pressure, emphasize" and other means, the pressure is the process of experiencing a cognitive and behavioral psychological stressors and psychological stress reaction constitute.

The pressure source (stressor) refers to the factors that cause stress reaction, including biological stressor, mental pressure source, social environmental stressor. Biological stressors directly impede and destroy the survival and continuation of racial individual events, including trauma and disease, hunger, deprivation, sleep deprivation, infection, noise, temperature change etc.. Internal and external event source pressure spirit directly impede and destroy individual normal mental needs, including cognitive structure of the error, the individual adverse experience, moral conflict as well as the long-term life experience the characteristics of the adverse psychological personality caused (suggestible, suspicious, jealous, responsibility, regret, resentment and etc.). Social stressors directly impede and destruction of individual social demand events, including pure social nature (great social change and important interpersonal relationship rupture) and interpersonal problems caused by their own conditions (such as poor social interaction). The pressure source causes psychological problems is the most comprehensive, must take the three pressure source as a whole to consider. Often behind biological or social pressure source, also hidden deep spiritual pressure source2.

2、Professor Wu Kun re division of existing in the field, the information is regarded as a kind of existence and not a method, proposed the world we face is a dual existence, our naked eye can see the material world in fact take another display of the material world multi gauge qualitative information world. All beings are unified body of direct and indirect existence, are not only the material body, is the body of information3. Three kinds of forms of activities will also include the human. These three kinds of forms of activities is one of the activities of a hologram element, the relationship between the holographic unity with the essential characteristics of them, made them all can be respectively used as a man is different from other animal. People's psychological activity refers to people's spiritual life activities in the field, is the subjective reflection of the relationship between man and nature itself, people and people, people, is also based on this reflection on creation, subjective freedom of information, independent of man's. It is a high-level, complex of external and objective information in vivo and identification, storage, processing, evaluation, selection of transformation of construction, and create the new subjective information4. Physiological activities, people's psychological activity, activity three is holographic, people's psychological activities include the creation of objective information and program information, and in the human mind, the objective of information is required to achieve this objective, the plan is to make information and objective information to as to the objective to achieve design, it also requires the implementation of. And the implementation of the realization of this objective, information planning information can only be accomplished by human behavior. It is this holographic properties lead to psychological pressure everywhere. For example, the physiological activities of pain, cold, hungry, and so lead to disorders, such disorders will inevitably lead to the destruction of healthy balance, and let the inside our nervous system showing "uncomfortable, not pleasure", resulting in psychological pressure. Break the failing the exam, work hard to complete, family financial burden is too heavy and so on social factors are more likely to make people feel the direct homeostasis, the so-called ambition.


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