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The Formal Semantic Analysis on Two Types of Chinese Sentences and Programming Realization
1  Chuan Zhao, Yuanyuan Wang, Yao Lu, Yu Liu, Dezhi Tu.

Abstract: The Verb-driven Chinese natural language understanding system realizes logic-driven semantic analysis. There are two types of Chinese sentences –把(ba)- sentence and 被(bei)- sentence. In this paper we use λ-transformation to analyze them. Yan Jiang and Haihua Pan put out formal semantics theory based on the concepts of type and category [3]. We program to realize semantic level analysis and expression, try to realize the idea to algorithm, and formalize natural language to logical expressions. According category theory to analyze semantics and transform the concept of category to the "field" in corpus. Finally we program to control the flow of analysis process and realize the logic-driven semantic analysis system.
Keywords: category; λ-transformation; logic-driven;把-sentence;被-sentence