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Informational Civilization's Challenge to Philosophy
1  Xi'an Jiaotong University; Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology


 Informational civilization is emerging a new form of civilization based on informational technology with the development of human society’s informtionnalization and digitalization. It does similar to the post-industry society and informational society in usages.But there are some differences between them in semantics. Informational civilization stresses the transformation of civilization. The challenges to philosophy in the time of information are as follows .

(1) Ontological Challenges.  the discussion of problems in ontology is extending from being and theoretical reality to things which are forming. They are not the being itself but the products of interaction in time. They are a dynamic existence in their changing. Therefore when the data become information, information becomes knowledge, and knowledge becomes a basis of policy, the domain of ontology extends from intrinsic existence to dynamic existence, from actual space to virtual space, from the pursuing to determinacy to indeterminacy.

(2) Epistemological challenges. The problems of epistemology discuss the problem of origin of knowledge and how to get truth about objective in traditional epistemology. With the development of technology of cloud calculation and digital dig, the cognition based on relevance has the meaning of epistemology. So our discussion about the problems of epistemology has to change from the relationship between theory and world to relationship between data and cognition.

(3) Ethical challenges. Facebook, micro-information micro-blog and internet make the way of our thinking from individual to group in the time of information. We are entering a new time of sharing in knowledge, creativity, and expertise. This will bring a lot moral problems which we must focus.