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The Emergence and Development of Theoretical Informatics
1  Zhanqi Duan, Hong Gao, Xinzheng Jin

Abstract: At present, information technology is developing very rapidly. Numerous traditional disciplines have to be informationized and domain informatics derived from it. It calls for the emergence of theoretical informatics because of the need of domain informatics, National Informatization and the transformation of industrial society to an information society. However, present information theory has limitation, for example, the Shannon communication theory only applies to communications. In this paper, we use the system engineering theory. Firstly we study the background of the theoretical informatics. Secondly we analyze the status of it and the limitation of present information theory. And then we discuss the hotspots of the theoretical informatics both at home and abroad. At last, we point out that the development of it should break out the shackles of theoretical paradigms.
Keywords: Theoretical Informatics, Domain Informatics, Shannon Communication Theory, Unified Information Theory