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The Central Idea of the Philosophy of Computer Science-- the Instruction of Research on Philosophy of Computer Science
1  Qiquan Gui, Xiaoming Ren

Abstract: The basical spirit of Pythagoreanism is the pursuit of the mathematical harmoniousness of the universe, and it can guide scientists to characterize the internal mystery of the physical world in terms of mathematical language and mathematical formula successfully and it fit to the current computationalism. On the other hand,re-understanding natural views of teleology by means of the modes of system science can interprete the biological universe,the artifical life and the universe of self organization reasonally.We insist that the integration of the pythagoreanism and the natural views of teleology will constitute the central idea of the philosophy of computer science.
Keywords: The philosophy of computer science; The pythagoreanism Computationalism; The natural views of teleology; The universe of self organization