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Standards-based methodology design and implementation of water management systems
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1  R2M Solution s.r.l.
2  BM-Change
3  National University of Ireland, Galway


A lack of water information, management and decision support tools that present meaningful and personalized information about usage, price, and availability of water to end users, hinders the efforts to manage water as a resource. WATERNOMICS is an EU-funded research project that aims to address these issues using innovative information, communication and technology (ICT) tools. The project will develop and introduce ICT as an enabling technology to manage water as a resource, increase end-user conservation awareness and affect behavioral changes, and to avoid waste through leak detection and diagnosis. This paper describes the first version of a standards-based methodology for the development and implementation of ICT-enabled water management programs. This methodology will, given constraints, standards, corporate preferences, and KPIs, provide decision makers and designers with a systematic way to select technologies, measurement points, data collection methods, and data management techniques for ICT-based water management systems.

Keywords: Water resource management, physical measurement framework, water sensing systems