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The Decoding and Feedback of the Linguistic Message under the Information Asymmetry
1  LIU Gen-Hui, WANG Zheng-Rong

Abstract: The transmission of the linguistic message in the communication is composed of six steps, including coding, sending, transmitting, receiving, decoding and giving feedback of the message. In this procedure, the information asymmetry is permanent while symmetry is relative. The symmetry both in the quantity and quality is the perfect state in intercommunication. There are three events which could affect the information symmetry: transmission, integration and feedback. There might be some noises exist in the linguistic message which the speaker has sent. From the attribute of the noise, it can be divided into two types: the primary noise and the secondary noise. The noise might but not certain to debase the efficiency of the transmission. It is absolutely necessary for the listener to reduce the inconveniences that the noises would cause.