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Kinetic study of activated carbon synthesis from Marabou Wood
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In the last years the demand of activated carbons for environmental remediation and medical applications has been growing. This situation has stimulated the study of new precursors for the synthesis of these adsorbents. This work shows the kinetic parameters of activation process of Marabou Wood (Leptoptilus Crumeniferus) using a simple mathematical model. These parameters were compared with ones corresponding to other tropical biomasses studied under similar conditions. To conduct the study, a thermo-gravimetric analysis was carried out in steam water. The study was carried on from room temperature to 1000°C with a heating rate of 10°C/min, additionally; the crystallinity was determined by X-rays diffraction analysis. The characterization of the activated carbon was carried out through parameters that provide an indirect measure of the mechanical resistance. Interesting correlations for the analyzed thermal conversion processes were also obtained.

Keywords: biomass, activated carbons, thermo-gravimetric study, kinetic parameters, X-ray, mechanical resistance.