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Computational study of mycobacterial promoters with low sequence homology.
1  Veterinary Medicine Department, Central University of ‘Las Villas’, 54830, Cuba.


This communication shows  a classification model for prediction of mycobacterial promoter sequences (mps), which constitute a very low sequence homology problem. The model developed (mps = –4.664·0ξM + 0.991·1ξM – 2.432) was intended to predict whether a naturally occurring sequence is an mps or not on the basis of the calculated kξM value for the corresponding RNA secondary structure. The model predicted 115/135 mps (85.2%) and 100% of control sequences (cs). The detailed results have been published in detail in: Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2006 Feb;16(3):547-53, the present is a short communications.

Keywords: Mycobacteria; Protein synthesis promoters; RNA secondary structure
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