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Exploring the Information Carrier
1  Dong-Sheng Miao

Abstract: This article discusses three issues related to information carrier. (1) "Bare information" does not exist, which has nothing to do with the carriers; the evolution of information is inseparable from the evolution of information carrier. The evolution of this symbol code developed from non-coded information to coded information and from the material code to the natural language is the result of natural self-organization. (2) The emergence of words means starting other-organization evolution of information carrier, and the new information carrier can only be a human conscious creation. The main direction throughout the evolutionary history of information carrier is: the more the operation of information depends on material energy reduce, the more the efficiency of information operation improves. (3) The information carrier has different levels, caused by different strength of material carriers. The division of carrier level also means the division of information level, that is, the difference of information levels can be attributed to differences between the carrier levels. The carrier with strong materiality can load the carrier with weak materiality, not vice versa.