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Enzymatic synthesis of cyclooligosacharide esters
1  Univeristy of Agriculture in Krakow, Faculty of Food Technology


The aim of this study was to prove the possibility of obtaining amphiphilic esters of β-cyclodextrin in the way of its enzymatic modification involving lipase from porcine pancreas and fungal (Candida Antarctica) lipases. The study was focused to direct esterification processes of carboxylic acids of varying chain lengths and degrees of unsaturation, and indirect esterification using vinyl ester of fatty acids. Also an attempt was done in order to perform transesterification of edible oils (rapeseed and olive oil). The study found that it is possible to obtain low-substituted ester cyclodextrin mainly in the direct esterification. Transesterification of vinyl esters and vegetable fats lead to saponification of the output esters mainly and the degree of cyclodextrin substitution is small. Construction of esters obtained was confirmed using infrared spectroscopy. It was also found that the main limiting factor for the esterification process is a cyclic structure, cyclodextrins, as well as the ability to substrates complexation (acyl donor).