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Isoquinoline-substituted hybrid compounds: synthesis and computational studies
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1  Yuzuncu Yil University, Department of Chemistry, 65080, Campus, Van, Turkey


The one-pot synthesis of novel 1,4-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazoles from isoquinoline-substituted homopropargyl alcohol backbone is described (42%-88% yields) (Scheme 1). A ring closing metathesis reaction and an intramolecular Pauson-Khand reaction of enyne system derived from a homopropargyl alcohol backbone to afford the corresponding isoquinoline-substituted dihydropyran and cyclopentenone-pyran, respectively, are also described (54% and 78% yields) (Scheme 2). Information about the structural, electronic, and physico-chemical properties of the novel hybrid compounds, obtained by density functional theory application, is also reported.

Keywords: hybrid compounds, isoquinoline, triazole, Pauson-Khand reaction, ring closing metathesis reaction
Comments on this paper
Alejandro Islas-Jácome
One question
To Professor A Gumus and co-workers. Undoubtedly, your work is a great contribution to the one pot synthesis of unsymmetrical bis-heterocycles. However, I respectfully think that you use the term 'hybrid compounds' in wrong way. It is well known that hybrid compounds are those molecules incorporating two ore more 'pharmacophores' in linked, merged, bound, fused or spaced manner, not just two or more heterocyclic moieties. The term hybrid lies more in the field of MedChem rather than Org Synth Chem, See Molecules 2014, 19, 20839-20863; doi:10.3390/molecules191220839 (Page 20845) for more details... Anyway,as I was above mentioned, this work may be useful for a broad spectrum of medicinal, synthetic and computational chemistry community... With regards - Dr. Alejandro Islas Jácome (México)