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Regioselective organocatalyzed asymmetric bromolactonization of aryl acrylate-type carboxylic acids. A new approach towards enantioenriched 3-substituted isobenzofuranones.
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1  Unité de Catalyse et de Chimie du Solide (UCCS) UMR CNRS 8181 - Axe CCM - Equipe CASECO


The stereoselective synthesis of a variety of 3-substituted isobenzofuranones has been developed through a new and flexible route. When combined with a catalytic amount of benzoic acid, quinidine thiocarbamate bifunctional catalysts have demonstrated their efficiency for the enantioselective bromolactonization reaction of styrene-type carboxylic acids bearing an alkoxycarbonyl electron withdrawing group on the carbon-carbon double bond.

Keywords: Asymmetric organocatalysis, Cinchona alkaloids, Bromolactonization reaction, 3-Substituted isobenzofuranones