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Analyzing the solution behavior of hygroscopic Imidazolium and Choline based ILs for optimizing liquid sorption media
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1  University of Kassel


Absorption storage systems in combination with solar thermal systems are a potential attempt for the reduction of greenhouse gases.1 The currently used sorption media like LiCl or LiBr show problems concerning crystallization, corrosion or low storage capacity.2, 3 Imidazolium and Choline based ILs in combination with organic anions may be an alternative to the classical hygroscopic salt solutions, because they are able to quickly absorb large amounts of water in an exothermic process. To optimize the sorption system we have screened the latter device parameters, especially the solution behavior of the ILs to determine structure-property relationships and improve the performance. Therefore, a calorimetric analysis offers an insight in the interaction between cation, anion and water.4 In combination with other investigation, we hope to obtain a simulation of the sorption process.


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