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Discussion on the Necessity of Integrating Information Philosophy and Unified Information Science from the Perspective of Thomas Kuhn’s Paradigm Theory
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1  School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi‘an City, Shaan’xi Province, China. 710049


Thomas Kuhn’s paradigm theory tells us that the science itself has a certain structure and the development of science has its own laws. His historicism research methodology in philosophy of science provides us a research approach having much referential values for investigating, predicting and programming the process and prospect of the development of Unified Information Science. And the paradigm shift of science firstly needs a breakthrough in its philosophical core-ontological presupposition. Therefore, this article will discuss how the development of Information Philosophy in China provides an opportunity for building the Unified Information Science from the perspective of paradigm theory, analyzing what necessary theoretical foundations that paradigm theory provides for the integration of Information Philosophy and Unified Information Science.

Keywords: unified information science; information philosophy; paradigm theory; anomaly