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“ Cosmism of Water ” and Existence ,Non-existence
1  Xi'an Jiaotong University Humanities and Social Sciences College,Xi’an, China


 “ Cosmism of Water ” is one of the earliest cosmism in the world. In many thoughts of the ancient civilizations, “ water ” is defined as a kind of original medium create and covers the world. So that, in those “ Cosmism of Water ” , “ water ” is a kind of exists that an all-embracing, the original, the only and no inner, outer and difference. But the properties of the water in these “ Cosmism of Water ” are very similar to the non-existence. So that “ water ” only is a kind of non-existence. And The “ water ” in these “ Cosmism of Water ” is become an abstract concept, then it will be the most primitive metaphysical concept in the human thought, a lot of concepts in the history of philosophy are similar with it . Thus we can find all the metaphysical concept in the history of philosophy is also points to the areas of non-existence .

Keywords: Cosmism of Water, Existence, Non-existence, Metaphysic, Philosophy of Information