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Philosophical Analysis on the Nature and Forms of Information —From the perspective of Marxist philosophy
* 1 , 2
1  School of Economics & Law, Shaanxi University of Technology
2  School of Marxism Studies,Xi'an Jiaotong University


The aim of this research essay attempt to reveal the nature of information form the perspective of Marxist Philosophy. The nature of Information is the first question that philosophy of information science and technology research must be answered, thus the problem is still debated. According to Marxist dialectical materialism method to the essence of information has made the analysis and argumentation, points out the essence of information between what is and its internal contact things, and this contact information is presented. Due to the connection between the protean and endless things, thus produce the endless, full of beautiful things in eyes, each are not identical information. To grasp the nature of information, must pay attention to and the specific form of information and information processing, the reorganization, transmission, storage, use and so on.

Keywords: information; nature; connection;philosophy of information