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Some Sociological Issues of Information and Internet Engineering
1  Magazine Agency, Guangzhou Academy of Governance, Guangzhou 510070, Guangdong Province, PR. China


In contemporary age, the information-internet engineering has been expanding to a global scale, and its deeply social embeddedness is characterized with the digital/material imbrications, cyberspace/user mediating practices, where a new network society emerges. In the network society, newly regional centers are made in the reconstruction of geographical space, personal growth becomes a cyber-action, and unadorned social structure now turns into the network structure. This new network society is a risk society, giving rise to both the disorganized actions (online mass incidents) and the deviant actions(telecommunication frauds). These actions violate the modest standards of public morality, influences on and even ruins the social life. In the face of so many social problems as well as challenges produced by the information-interwork engineering, it is emphasized that the engineering innovations(developing anti-hacker technologies) should play a panopticon-like role in the social governance of network, with its certain synopticon-like management as self-control(the supervision from the public via network) and legal management as external force.

Keywords: information and internet Engineering; social embeddedness; network society; disorganized actions; deviant actions; social governance