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Ontology or epistemology: a debate on the philosophical implication of information
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    Whether in the nearly 40 years’ researches on Chinese Philosophy of Information (PI) ,or in the conversation between Chinese and Western PI, there has always been a fundamental topic ,which is the discussion or definition about the philosophic nature of information, focusing on whether philosophical meaning of information is a "ontological" concept or not, and how could it be possible to become into an issue of ontology. Is there "objective information" ("information-in-itself") and how to establish a world of "binary-unity of matter and information"? How could the information be possible to exist in the ontological sense, or how to establish the ontological status of information? Is "Ontological information" a kind of "ontological informationalism" or "Pan-informationalism"? etc. It is of great significance for the study on PI to sort out and reconsider these arguments.

Keywords: Philosophy of Information;Ontological information;Epistemological information;Information-in-itself