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Philosophy of information and “new revolution of Philosophy”


Philosophy of information is the philosophy of the information era, is the essence of the spirit of the information age. It is also a new generalization of the development of contemporary science and philosophy, is the crystallization of integration of philosophy and Science. The quintessence of Philosophy of information is to introduce the concept of information as one of the most basic concepts of philosophy, and its demonstration of the "ontological" status and universal character of information, Furthermore, a complete set of philosophical theories to grasp the world and transform the world. Therefore, " outlook of Philosophy " has been reflected, The field of existence can be Redistricted, the basic problems of philosophy are completely expressed, and the ontology of philosophy can be reconstructed. Finally, the research methods of traditional philosophy will be transformed by information methods, it is trying to put the material (quality), energy and information in the theoretical framework of Philosophy of information, seeking the unified information theory.

Keywords: Philosophy of Information; Information Ontology; Philosophical Ontology; Revolution of Philosophy