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On the Simplification and Complication of Cultural Symbols
1  Xi’an Shiyou University


In the context of globalization, cultural exchanges have become an important way to promote the harmonious development of human society. In the process of cultural transmission or communication, each country or nation will first present its own image with some unique cultural symbols, so that these cultural symbols are an important part of world culture. The cultural heritage and continuous development is also an important content to achieve self-confidence of national culture. As a multi-ethnic country, China has a long history and splendid culture, its cultural symbols are more complex and diverse.China is a multi-ethnic country, in the long river of history, the common development of all ethnic group formatted the rich and varied, harmony in diversity cultural landscape ultimately. However, to make a country or nation culture widely and effectively spread, and truly promote human civilization and development, we must pay attention to the simplification and complication of cultural symbols are two-way parallel in the process of minority culture communication. For the transmitter, the simplification of cultural symbols is a double-edged sword, which is to promote and block the minority culture; For the receiver, the course of acceptance of cultural symbols, defamiliarization effect and reinterpretation will give new meaning to cultural symbols, which makes the meaning of cultural symbols tend to be complicated. The cultural symbols, whether simplified or complicated, should serve the needs of cultural heritage and development, and promote the progress of human society.

Keywords: Simplification;Complication ; Cultural Symbols;Cultural Transmission