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Philosophical Dimensionality of Information ecology
1  First and Corresponding author, presenter


The information ecology is not only a social problem(such as the political problem—information security, information policy, or economic problems and management issues), but also a philosophical problem, thus forming a philosophical dimension of information ecology. This dimension focuses on the study of the information environment from the perspective of ecology and reveals some general attributes of the information ecology from the height of philosophy, as it is a spiritual phenomenon rather than a material phenomenon, it is a people-centered phenomenon, and also a value phenomenon, and so on.

Because of the value attribute of information ecology, People tend to pursue a good information ecology for their physical and mental health, which exists in our ongoing efforts to eliminate information pollution. The main source or the performance of information pollution in the Internet Age are displayed by the variety of anomie network behavior, such as the proliferation of spam, the prevalence of false information,  permeating the toxic and harmful information, and implanting virus program to the network , and so on. We should take care of information ecology as same as protecting the natural ecology, and develop and manage it more reasonable.

Keywords: ecology,information ecology, good-evil,environment