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New Opportunities in Optical Information Processing by Meta-surfaces
1  National University of Singapore


Optical information devices have been widely studied for various applications in communication, data processing and securities. In the field of advanced photonics, functional materials based on meta-surfaces have huge potentials as they can provide flexible platforms to tune optical functionalities. In this presentation, our recent research progresses on the applications of meta-surfaces to achieve high performance information processing will be discussed to highlight their superior features. These features help to achieve remarkable results, such as the full-color 3D display for naked eyes, ultra-thin and multi-functional integrated multiplexer for optical angular momentum (OAM) signals, and the noise-free planner lens with high numerical aperture. Based on the off-axis illumination method, we develop a novel way to overcome the crosstalk limitation and achieve multi-wavelengths meta-surface devices with a sole type of the plasmonic pixel. For the 3D display, this strategy leads to the remarkable image quality with a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) 5 times better than the previous designs. For the OAM multiplexer, the number of the information channels can be greatly increased to achieve multi-function integration. For the first time, a full-color meta-holographic image in the 3D space is also experimentally demonstrated. With this method, the usable data capacity can also be greatly improved. Our approach is unique to greatly expand the information capacity of the meta-hologram, which extends broad applications in the data storage, security, and authentication.

Keywords: optical information processing; meta-surface; noise-free; optical imaging