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Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging for a Personalized Therapy
1  Department of Biomedical Science and Engineering Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology


A personalized therapy or a precision medicine is one of hot keywords in medical research field. A personalized treatment can be performed only when sufficient information about the disease is provided. Two different studies will be introduced to show how optical spectroscopy and imaging can be utilized to perform personalized treatments. First, a smart automatic cupping therapy system will be introduced. A near-infrared spectroscopic sensor is placed inside of a cup, which acquires the hemodynamic signals during an automatic cupping therapy. Based on the hemodynamic changes from tissue inside the cup, automatic cupping therapy system can induce vacuum or release air to maximize its treatment efficacy. Second, a portable multispectral imaging system was developed to acquire images at 470, 640, 905nm from skin. The measurement of light attenuance at each wavelength can guide low level light therapy (LLLT) system to set its power and time of treatment for each patient. In addition, we applied currently available algorithms to not only white light image but also to multispectral images to provide information of wrinkle and melanin level from skin. From these studies, we show how optical spectroscopy and imaging can play a role in a personalized treatment.