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Synthesis of 20-N-Methylpurpuramine E, an Antitubercural Metabolite from Pseudoceratina sponge
1 , 2 , 3 , 3 , * 2 , 2
1  Faculty of Pharmacy, The University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia
2  Sunderland Pharmacy School, University of Sunderland, Wharncliffe Street, Sunderland, SR1 3SD, UK
3  Department of Biological Sciences, Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology, Birkbeck, University of London, Malet Street, Bloomsbury London, WC1E 7HX, UK

Abstract: 0-N-Methylpurpuramine E has been successfully synthesized in 2 steps in good yield from readily available starting materials. Structural elucidation has been confirmed through direct comparison with spectroscopic data of isolated natural product.20-N-Methylpurpuramine E has been shown to have MIC = 5 μg mL-1 against Mycobacterium bovis.
Keywords: marine sponge metabolites, bromotyramine, bromotyrosine, antituberclar